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Deck of Fitness
Physical Education

BE READY FOR ACTION! All students must wear sneakers and comfortable clothes in order to safely and actively participate in Physical Education. Wearing jewelry increases risks of injury and is not permitted.


**Please note, we are moving to Google Classrooms. Please respond to the invite.**


Always check for new activities linked down below


**Bringing Physical Education into the Home**

      To keep our students active and engaged over the next three weeks, we have developed a Physical Education Fitness Log . Utilizing our Fitness Building Blocks (Cardio, Muscular Strength, and Flexibility) students will be able to continue to participate in the Bayberry Physical Education Program. All the students are very familiar with the exercises we have listed. Each student has had many opportunities to lead the workout portion of our classes.

     Second, Third, and Fourth grade students are required to maintain the Physical Education Fitness Log . Parents of Kindergarteners and First graders can assist in completing the log. Students are expected to submit the completed log electronically or physically upon returning to class.

     Check back periodically as we will add additional activites as we progress.

     Any questions, I can be reached via email during school hours 8:40 am - 1:00 pm. jprimeau@watchungschools.us

     For Physical Education Fitness Log , enrichment, and other examples click on links listed below.

Note: GoNoodle Recommended Categories : Sensory and Motor Skills, Movement Types, SEL and Mindfulness.

      GoNoodle Recommended Channels : KidzBop, ZumbaKids, Maximo, Indoor Recess, Movement Mega Mixes, Fresh Start Fitness, Empower Tools,Think about it * (Managing Stress, & Breathing relaxation activities can be found in these Categories & Channels)