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Welcome to Mr. Thomas' Classroom.

Happy New Year:)



The following items are needed for math class each day.

 A two inch, three ring binder for math only with the following inside each day:

  •   six dividers (label one for every two chapters 1-10 and one labeled as reference)
  •  zip type pencil case to store  protractors, pencils, markers, manipulatives and math "stuff" 
  •  set of four medium point  dry erase whiteboard markers
  •  spiral notebook (punched to fit into binder) for homework/journal
  •  at least two sharpened pencils and eraser
  •  all homework completed neatly in pencil done in spiral notebook (label and date each assignment in order)

Most importantly, come prepared to participate. Those who question things often and are involved have more fun and learn quicker.  :-)



Textbook log-in instructions

option 1 (for access with any device or computer)

1. Visit https://bim.easyaccessmaterials.com/?reset=1

2. Where it says "choose your program" select common core 2014

3. In the next window select our book (either red one)

4. Navigate to the correct chapter and section




    All assignments are posted on your child's google classroom account.  Homework is usually given on a daily basis. These should be done in their spiral math notebook with the date, page number and assignment written on the top header of the page.
You can click on each link in blue. Khan Academy is a great resource for extra help. Just type in the topic you need help with in the search bar of the web-site and you will find helpful and FUN video clips/tutorials.

BigIdeas.com is also a great resource for taking practice test/ quizzes before assessments. It also has games and guided practice tutorials and power points for each lesson.


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