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Welcome to the Watchung Board of Education referendum page. All official district information and communications regarding the referendum can be found here.




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Referendum News

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What is a referendum?

A bond referendum allows the Board of Education to borrow funds to finance the designated projects at each school. It also allows the board to apply for state funds. In our case, the state has deemed 94.5% of the projects eligible to receive debt service aid, which means that the state will fund approximately 34% of the costs of the eligible projects.

The Board is committed to providing a first-rate educational experience for all students. In the development of its long-range facilities plan (LRFP), the board identified facility infrastructure and renovation projects that will allow the district to ensure the continued safe operation and maintenance of its school buildings and create new learning opportunities by transforming outdated rooms into 21st-century learning spaces. Much of the infrastructure is beyond its useful life, making the timing of the replacements and upgrades critical. 


  • Increase property values by investing in our schools
  • Provide our students and staff opportunities to thrive in transformed learning spaces
  • Enhance security
  • Ensure ADA compliance
  • Update technology infrastructure
  • Save energy costs and improve health and safety by replacing outdated HVAC and building systems
  • Take advantage of state funding through debt service aid to reduce taxpayer costs
  • Prepare our students for a lifetime of learning and working in a global community

Transformed Learning Spaces

Town Council Presentation

Special School Election Referendum Results

Referendum Results
  Yes No
Question 1 630 532
Question 2 607 545

Election Statement For Special School Election

Watchung Public School building

Benefits of the proposed referendum

  • Aligning our learning spaces with our district vision to inspire our students and staff as they learn and grow in schools that make the entire Watchung community proud
  • Taking advantage of state funding through debt service aid to reduce the cost to taxpayers
  • Proposing a fiscally responsible plan for ensuring the continued safe operation of our buildings and grounds

Outdoor Learning Commons

Average Tax Impact

Question 1 only: $260/Year

Questions 1 & 2: $309/Year

* Based on Assessed Value of 
Average Home $760,895

Question 1

(Transformed indoor learning spaces, enhanced security, updated technology infrastructure, ADA compliance, new HVAC and building systems, electrical upgrades, site improvements, roof repairs)

Cost: $12,807,985
State Aid: $4,216,609
Cost to District: $8,591,376

Questions 1 & 2

(In addition to the items in question 1: outdoor learning commons, repurposed Valley View softball field, Bayberry and Valley View gymnasium air conditioning)

Cost: $15,734,488
State Aid: $5,056,231
Cost to District: $10,678,257

Question 2 is contingent on the passing of Question 1.