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Special Education Parent Advisory Group

A Glimpse into the Special Education Parent Advisory Group

All families have a shared and vested interest in Watchung Borough Schools educational programs, especially families who have a child with an identified learning disability or a different learning style.  Parent-led committees offer parents the opportunity to work together to make a difference.

The Special Education Parent Advisory Group welcomes all parents who are interested in learning more about how to best support their child during their academic career.  Parents and caregivers of students are welcome!

A Special Education Parent Advisory Group (SEPAG) is established to:
  • Collaborate with district administration to positively affect policies, practices, and programs for students with IEPs
  • Promote inclusion and acceptance of students with special needs and learning challenges in school and extracurricular activities
  • Serve as a resource to parents through meetings, workshops, and social media presence

The Watchung SEPAG consists of a parent leader who supports other parents of students who currently receives special education under IDEA.  The SEPAG parent leader will ensure the district is implementing SEPAG initiatives, attends SEPAG and PTO meetings, and brainstorm ideas and solutions to stakeholders.

Ms. Smita Saraswat - President
Ms. Berry Lin - Recording Secretary

Contact Watchung SEPAG at

Join us on Facebook at SEPAG Watchung

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