Second Grade
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Language Arts
Language Arts

Language Arts

We will be discussing several different reading comprehension skills such as:
author's purpose
drawing conclusions
main idea

We will be reading several different types of literature such as:
realistic fiction
animal fantasy
narrative nonfiction

Writer's Workshop:

This year we want students to see themselves as authors and members of a writing community. Lessons will focus on where writers get their ideas. We will read books by favorite authors, tell stories about events that happen in our lives, and piggyback on stories shared by classmates. Students will begin to learn to:

Tell, draw, and write stories from their lives. Share ideas and writing with a partner. Begin to think about the audience or whom we are writing for. Use resources around the room (such as the word wall and alphabet charts). Develop writing stamina as we get into the habit of writing for longer periods of time.

This unit begins an exciting year of writing in Second Grade! You can help your child by talking about things that could make a good story. Visiting the park, making dinner or your family pet are all topics that your child can use for story ideas. Having a variety of experiences gives your child the confidence he or she needs to feel like a writer.