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Welcome to the Bayberry Art Site!
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OPTIONAL Fun Activities to Check Out:
As always, feel free to email me pictures of whatever you're creating at home! I love to see what you've been working on!
Mo Willems, author and illustrator of amazing books such as "Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus" and "Elephant and Piggy" is offering a series called "LUNCH DOODLES with Mo Willems!" Every day at 1:00 PM a new episode will be posted. Check out the link below!
This link will take you to 12 different art museums around the world where you can take a virtual tour of their collection! Explore through multiple galleries and maybe even try to replicate a famous piece of art yourself!
The following is our typical website page for art:

There are so many wonderful things that we can learn through art!  We explore the elements of art and principles of design with every project we dive into.  This helps us understand what makes great art.
 Elements of Art Principles of Design
 Example of a line.


 Example of balance



Example of value
Example of pattern
Example of texture
Example of Rhythm / Movement
Example of space/perspective
Example of unity
We will be exploring many different artists, art movments, and cultures this year.
It is such a pleasure to discover what our students are able to achieve when they put their minds to it!  We have some wonderful artists here at Bayberry School!

 Use the links on the left so you can see what your child has been learning about!
 It will be updated throughout the school year.