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Anger Management & Coping SKills

Before I became a school counselor, I spent 5 years as a classroom teacher where I developed a love for using children's literature to help teach important messages to my students.  As a counselor, I enjoy finding ways to use children's literature to help teach important messages to my students I see individually as well as in group. 

Here are some great book you can read or listen to together when your child is having some feelings that are bigger than them. 

                                                 A Little Spot of Patience  by Diane Alber       

                                    ( A good way to train children as well as parents how to increase patience.)

                                                               Cover Image



When Sophie Gets Angry- Really, Really Angry  by Molly Bang


Grumpy Monkey  by Suzanne Lang




A Little Scribble Spot  by Diane Alber

A Story About All Different Emotions



The Very Frustrated Monster  by Andy Green