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Welcome to Mr. Riley's Science Class

All homework is listed in Google Classroom on the day it is due. You can email me at

I will send out notifications of quizzes and tests along with the study guide to parents who sign up. To do so, send me an email that tells me the name and grade of your child, and the email address listed in Genesis. I'll then add you to the list. This is for the parents, not students.

If you're having trouble studying, I've made a website to help improve your study skills.

Here's the link to my wiki with information on everything we're doing.

Syllabus for 6th grade, 7th grade.

I've written some articles on my personal blog that may be useful:
  1. Study habits checklist
  2. How to take notes
  3. How to study
  4. Taking tests
  5. Getting organized


Citing Internet Resources