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Welcome to Mrs. Mahoney's 2nd Grade

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If you are a student, our Google Classroom will be the "homebase" for us during the entire school day. From our classroom, you will be able to see all assignments, join our Google Meets, and access all of our learning platforms. Everyone will be logged into our Google Classroom each day. 

During the first few weeks, I will teach you how to navigate it and we will work slowly together to ensure YOU can navigate all of our technology tools independently, without parent help. We will all have bumps along the way, but by you learning to do this on your own (and with my support as your teacher), it will set us up for a successful year together with tons of meaningful, engaging, and interactive instruction happening every single day!


Google Classroom:

Remember to check the Special Teachers’ websites to see their assignments in these specific areas - Ms. Tronolone, Ms. Riley, Ms. Higgins, Ms. Eche, and Ms. Mills. 

Also if you need resources to support your child emotionally, Mrs. Fleming has great resources on her Guidance website. 

As always, feel free to reach out with any questions about a particular task, log-in code, struggle your child is having, etc.  Thank you for your help and support during these unusual times!